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Responsible Camping

We want all our guests to have a wonderful time exploring Scotland and getting truly emersed in Scotland’s beauty. To be fully prepared and ready for your adventure, please look at the following websites. They have a wealth of knowledge and information to help you prepare for your trip. And as responsible & respectful campers, there are some things you need to be aware of, like the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Lots of practical advice,

● About the code

● Safe driving

● Advise

● Informal camping

● Best practise

● Etiquette

● Campsites

● Environmental awareness.

● Responsible camping

● Responsible dog walking

We promote responsible and respectful camping here at 4×4 Overland Hire and are members of CAMPA. We want to ensure our guests are fully prepared and aware of responsible and respectful camping. We explain the Scottish Outdoor Access Code on arrival but also have a copy in the vehicle to refer to. We want our guests to have a great time and be respectful to wildlife, nature and local communities.

What we provide to help promote respectful camping:

● Laminated copy of Scottish Outdoor Access Code in our vehicles

● Garmin Overland- which provides a GPS, locations of public toilets, fuel stations, campsites, camping spots and much more

● Rubbish bag- To store and transport the rubbish

● Trowel- Dig holes for toileting and leave no trave

● Biogradable washing up liquid

● Portable fire pit with a floor mat to protect the ground. Please look out for signs not permitting fires!

● No off roading or driving on private land

Leave no trace and keep Scotland beautiful. Enjoy, protect, and respect!

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